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X Presets for Magix/Xara Software

X Presets are graphical filters designed for

Xara Designer Pro+, Xara Designer Pro, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Xara Web Designer.

34 Categories – 3653 presets.

You can …

simply apply

by just drag and drop

preview all

using demo projects

move, scale, rotate

using fill tool

change color

using enhance photo tool

change transparency

using transparency tool

change transparency type

to screen, overlay, soft light etc. …

How to use X Presets in Magix/Xara Software.


Using and editing presets.

Buy X Presets.

ps. You can order presets just for testing and if you don’t like it – request a refund.

Buy X Presets

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Q. How to install X Presets files in Xara Software?

If you want to install, you can do it in Local Designs Gallery:

  1. Select Local Design Gallery
  2. Click “Disc designs…”
  3. Navigate where you’ve unziped XPresets.
  4. Click Add button

You can also use X Presets from windows explorer. Use “drag & drop”.

Q. How to download an update?

  1. Log-in and go to https://xaratemplates.com/my-account/downloads
  2. Download the file again. It’s always the most recent version.

Q. Are presets compatible with my Xara version?

Presets should work in all versions of Xara software from version 15 and above.



First version. 3653 presets.