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What is X Builder ?


It’s a collection of blocks for Magix Xara Web Designer, which incredibly speeds up building a website.

  • no subscription
  • no online services
  • download and save it on your hard drive – use it forever.

Blocks: 533 743 817

01/10/2018: 533 blocks
03/28/2018: + 210 blocks
05/24/2018: +74 blocks

Each block contains:

  • 3 variants: Mobile (480px), Main (960px), Wide (1200px)
  • animations
  • named colors
  • text styles


You can use it for personal and commercial project for you or your client unlimited number of times.

You can’t use it for creating templates for free or paid download..

How to use X Builder
in Xara Web Designer Premium

It’s so simple…




Use keywords in windows search (F3 or Ctrl+F) to find a block..


Drag and Drop.


Drag and drop selected block into the website. You can drop many block and arrange them later.


Move it.


Arrange the blocks. Click on the page where is first block. Press Ctrl-A to select all objects. Grab and move objects to the right place (tip. When moving press Ctrl key to move it straight).

Why Our Blocks?

Modern Design

Deliver better projects faster. Create beautiful websites quickly and easily with our templates. Our top quality designs it’s everything you need.

Named Colors

Named colors – the easiest way to re-color your site. Simply click on any of the named colors and select the Edit option.

Content Animation

Web animations are a great way to add eye-catching visual content to your webpages

Responsive Web Design

2 or 3 variants (sizes) : Wide (1200px), Desktop (980px), Mobile (480px)

960 grid system

Templates were designed with 960 grid system. Elements like content or even whole pages from one template will fit to another template.

Multiple layouts

Most of templates has several layouts like: home, about us, services, projects, blog, portfolio, contact …

Licensed photos – All included

Most of the photos attached to the projects are under the public domain license (cc0) and come from the pixabay.com. Some have been purchased at fotolia.com with an extended license that allows them to be used in the templates.

Contact form

Simple. Effective.
You do not need external service providers. (only hosting with php support.)


Unlimited Domains

Unlike other suppliers, when you buy a template, you can use it for personal and commercial project for you or your client unlimited number of times.

Safe And Secure

PayPal Buyer Protection

Thanks to the PayPal buyer protection, you can recover the total value of the purchase if the purchased item does not reach you or will differ significantly from the description. More info …

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, within 30 days we will refund your money, no questions asked. For more information, read our Refund Policy.

You can order templates just for testing and if you don’t like it – request a refund.


Click on the below images to see full size demos.



2. (NEW) - May 24, 2018 update.

3. (NEW) - May 24, 2018 update.

4. (NEW) - May 24, 2018 update.


Because of number of all blocks, demo was divided into 30 blocks in each part.
Please be patient and wait for the demo to fully loads (many photos).


























How to create a website in minutes.

Simple Setup.

Creating a website draft.


Q. How to install X Builder files in Xara Web Designer Premium?

You don’t have to. Use “drag & drop” from windows explorer. Windows has great search engine. You can save searches and this gives you better flexibility. For more information please watch above videos. If you must install, you can thru Local Designs Gallery, but you won’t be able to effectively search blocks.

Q. Are blocks compatible with Xara Web Designer Premium 12 (365) ?

Yes. All block were created in Xara Web Designer Premium 12.6.1. You can also use them in XWDP 15 without any problem.
They will also work in XWDP 11, but you will get the warning message that they were created in newer version of the program. Beside that warning all blocks are working normally.

Q. Can I use the Blocks in an existing website and will they fit the page size?, or is it only for Building new one?

They have 3 variants (width). 480px, 960px, 1200px. They fit to projects that are design in 3 variants also. If the project has less variants, mobile (480px) and Main (960px) for example, then only those variants will be imported.
If the project has different width then blocks, it need to be modify.

Q. Why block is imported as a new page?

Blocks are imported as new page and this is as it should be. You can’t create block in 3 variants that is imported to the program otherway then new page.


May 24, 2018

  • Updated to 817 blocks

Mar 28, 2018

  • Updated to 743 blocks

Jan 10, 2018

  • Initial release: 533 blocks