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X Builder 2021.3

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X Builder 2021.3

What’s new

1281 New Blocks

New Photo MouseOver Creator



  • Optimize photos (reduce file size), speed up performance by reducing memory usage.
  • Web-Blocks/Forms – due to possible security risks, forms have been removed
  • 0000_demo.web – due to reported comments about the non-usefulness of these files and unnecessary space consumption, demo files have been removed in most categories.

List of new files …


How to download updates.

You can download X Builder 2021.3 from your account: https://xaratemplates.com/my-account/downloads/
Download the zip file again. It’s always the most recent version.




I bought X Builder x time ago, can I download the update?

The update is free to all X Builder owners, regardless of when they bought it. I introduced “lifetime free updates” a few months ago, even for people who previously bought X Builder with the annual update. So future updates will also be free.