StockPhotos Collection 2021.5 –

StockPhotos Collection 2021.5

StockPhotos Collection

The product has been updated with 3000+ new images. The number of photos has almost doubled. If you bought it, you can download the update from your account.


  • The zip file is very large (12GB). You need a good internet connection and it cannot be saved in FAT file system (older drives, pendrives).
  • You can see a preview of all available images in the collection here – StockPhotos Collection Preview
  • A preview of the photos that have been added in the last update is here – 2021.5 Update Preview or below

Free Photos (StockPhotos Free Collection – 7500+).

The free collection now contains ALL the images from the StockPhotos Collection but at a smaller resolution of 960px. 960px is the standard page width, so you will be able to use these images in many of your projects.

If you do web design professionally, you may want to purchase a higher resolution. The price for thousands of photos from StockPhotos Collectionis really the price you have to pay for one photo on other stock photo sites. I know my photos are often not that good, but in my opinion, you’ll find dozens of cool photos that are useful. (+ lifetime free updates 🙂

In summary, the free collection now includes 1500+ previous free photos and 6000+ StockPhotos Collection photos at 960px resolution.

Installing photos in Xara.

A short video on how to install photos is available below

All photos come from my other website This is a hobby photography project (I like taking pictures). If you prefer constant updates via google drive, you can download these photos there. However, they do not have catindex.txt files and cannot be installed in the Local Designs Gallery in Xara.

New Photos

The collection was updated earlier this month, so the list below does not include all the new images, just the most recent update.