Michal’s cc0 collection.

Michal’s cc0 collection.


4100+ Free cc0 Stock Images from Pixabay.


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4100+ Free cc0 Stock Images from Pixabay.

This is my collection of cc0 photos from pixabay. It has thousands of photos divided into categories. It’s free. If you’re just like me, you want to have a hard copy of everything on your hard drive regardless of the availability of any online services. Today the Pixabay is here, but tomorrow… who knows. If that’s you, then you may want to download it. I use those images to create all templates. Because of its size, you’ll download a link to my google drive and you can download it from there. Keep the link. The collection is constantly updated and you’ll see all updates immediately. You can import it directly to Xara via Local Design Gallery.

Important Notes.

The source of photos.

All of are from Pixabay.com.
I am not the author of most of them! I am the author of ~1400 only. My pixabay account can be found here: https://pixabay.com/users/jarmoluk-143740/

The license.

Pixabay.com has recently changed its photo license. Photos uploaded before 1 January 2019 remain under the old cc0 license. To proof that I took a screenshot of discussion from pixabay forum:

Simon is one of the founders of pixabay.

Link to the discussion: https://pixabay.com/en/forum/official-pixabay-news-2/the-pixabay-license-7823/

In my collection, there are only cc0 photos.

Legality of pixabay photos.

I can’t guarantee the legality of pixabay photos. I downloaded all the photos from this site trusting that they were uploaded legally. Downloading them from xaratemplates.com is as if you downloaded them from pixabay, except that you download them all at once and they are adapted to be imported to software from Xara. Please note, that you use them at your own risk.

If in doubt about whether you can use the photo for specific purposes, please contact the author of the photo and read the contents of the cc0 license carefully. More information about cc0 licence: https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en

How to find a real author?
Each file has a number. To find a original photo enter this number on pixabay.com in the photo seach box.

How to install the collection in Xara.