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Own contact form using php in Xara Web Designer.

Update 2016-02-25 – contact form with CAPTCHA was added. (example)

Normally, in order to use the facility to send form from websites created in Xara Web Designer, you have to use third party services. Thanks to a simple php script and several simple steps, you can create such a form on your own.

The process will not work locally on the computer (so will not be available in preview mode in Xara), because it needs php to work. Only after uploading the website to the server you will be able to send messages.

Below I have attached an example form ready for download. The file contains additional directions on how to implement this.

In brief.

1. For a form to start operating, you should write you own e-mail address, to which the email should be sent. You do this by:

  • Right clicking on the form image
  • Selecting ‘placeholder’
  • Selecting HTML code (body) under the replace with HTML code heading
  • Overwriting ‘your@email.com’ with your own email address.

2. The address should be changed in every variant.

3. Optionally, you can design a new sending button. The button image should be exported to the graphic file, and then attached to the project (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A).

4. The project should additionally have two webpages: from-success.htm and form-error.htm. There are the ones to which you are redirected, depending on whether the form was sent correctly or not. There are examples of these in the download

5. “Placeholder” containing the styling and “placeholders” containing the attachments should be only in the main variant.


Download php form demo Download form with CAPTCHA


The example editing of the form will be presented in the short film below


The article was written in collaboration with Neil Gardner (http://nrgwebsolutions.co.uk)


  1. john September 19, 2015

    Hi ,

    This script support xara web design 11 version ?

    If support , can you share spam Protection tool script ?

    This form not have spam Protection tool .



  2. fredlepper May 12, 2016

    Thank you very much Michal. This is very generous of you.
    Xara should have presented an in-house forms solutions years ago.


  3. sebastien boulet May 29, 2017

    I really like the style, but I create a 4th variant and on the 4th format of my form the capcha does not work, you have idea why?

  4. nicktophiliakreations March 27, 2018

    Hi Michal, hope you are well. I have no idea what I am doing with PHP forms. How would I edit this so that the fields entered are forced before submitting as when the send button is pressed, regardless of any of the fields being populated the form will automatically link to the success page.

    I am confused so thought I would come direct to source

    Thank you

  5. Frolin June 26, 2018

    New to PHP also. Was able to get the downloads and copy the HTML code to the Placeholder. Even edit and get another line added.
    But when I submit/send, I get sent to a link on my site for a page/file that does not exist and is not mentioned…
    There is no mention of this ‘send form’ file in the above steps or notes.
    And was not included with either download zip.
    So where does this file come from ?

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