How to use smart shapes – oval and line in Xara Web Designer 365 Premium.

In this web design tutorials I we will take a look at some more smart shapes in this case the oval and the line. As before these quick shapes can be accessed from the online content manager.

The oval smart shapes is really nice because it can transform into unique looking shapes using the rounded control handle. However just like the other regular shapes it has the standard resize, scale and rotate handles.

On the other hand the line smart shape has the ability to adjust the curvature, positioning and width of line so it is different that other types of smart shapes. Simply place your cursor over a control handle to reveal the tool tip and that will let you know what action can be carried out when adjusting a particular control handle.

– xaratemplate (YouTube)

Side note.

Xaratemplate (without s 🙂 ) it’s my competition and from marketing perspective I shouldn’t do it. BUT. This videos are so great. I’m sure that it will be very helpful to You.


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