How to use parallax scroll animation effect in Xara Web Designer 365 Premium.

Web Designer Tutorials for Xara Web Designer 365 Premium. This video will show you how to apply the Parallax Effect to your web page. Basically at the most basic level the Parallax Animation controls how fast an object will scroll in relationship to the speed at which, a user on your website scroll the web page. The objects with an applied Parallax animation will move slower than the other content on your web page.

To apply a Parallax animation simply find the object you want to animation and right click on it and go to “web animations” and then the dialog men will appear. In that menu go to the tab that says “scroll” and from that menu select the radio box for “scroll” animation and the select “Parallax” in the dropdown menu under the animation menu. On the right side you will have the ability to set the “speed” the further to the left the faster the animation or the faster the object will scroll out of view the further you go down on a web page. The further to the right the slower the object will scroll in reference to scrolling the web page.

– xaratemplate (YouTube)

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