How to intersect all shapes in Xara Web Designer.

This video tutorial will show you how the new intersect all feature works that was added to the combine shapes menu.
In order to see the benefits of the intersect all feature you should grab at least three objects and overlap them. Once you have three or more shapes overlapping you would then drag and select over all shapes and then go to the arrange menu and look for the combine shapes sub-menu and then go to intersect all option. Once selected the shapes will then be split or cut into a unique set of shapes. To see the effect simply drag the shapes apart from one another and you will see the individual shapes that were created from applying this effect in your web design work space. The intersect all option is great for creating web design logos and icons to enhance quality of your website.

– xaratemplate (YouTube)

Side note.

Xaratemplate (without s 🙂 ) it’s my competition and from marketing perspective I shouldn’t do it. BUT. This videos are so great. I’m sure that it will be very helpful to You.


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