How to insert font awesome symbols in Xara Web Designer.

Web Designer Tutorials for Xara Web Designer 365 Premium. In this tutorial I will show you how to insert font awesome symbols into you website. To insert a symbol go to the insert symbol menu at the top of your screen and then select the option that says “symbol”. Once you click on that the font awesome symbol dialog menu will appear and from their simply click on the icons that you want to use in your website.

After the icons are in your website you can edit them just like any other object in Xara Web Designer such as re-sizing them change the shape, direction and or orientation.

– xaratemplate (YouTube)

Side note.

Xaratemplate (without s 🙂 ) it’s my competition and from marketing perspective I shouldn’t do it. BUT. This videos are so great. I’m sure that it will be very helpful to You.


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