How to create and add social icons. –

How to create and add social icons.


Video summary.

Select “Insert, Symbol…” from the top menu. Search for the appropriate symbol. In my example I will use the facebook icon. Change the color to one of the Theme Colors. Select the Elipse tool from the toolbar. Draw a circle. Change the color of the circle line to the same as the facebook icon and the fill color to the background color. Move the circle over the facebook icon and press Ctrl-B. Move the icon to the center of circle. Select both elements and Press Ctrl-G to create a group. In the “Page & layer gallery” window, make MouseOver visible and select it as active. Press Ctrl-C to copy the group and Ctrl-Shift-V to paste it into the same place on the active MouseOver layer. Hold down Ctrl key and click on the white circle. Change the color of the circle to the same as facebook icons. To select the facebook icon, switch to the outline view. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the icon. Set the fill to the background color. Switch the display quality back to very high. Now select all elements and create a soft group by pressing Ctrl-Alt-G. To verify the button, you need to set up a test link. Select the link icon from the toolbar and set the “#” as a test link. Preview the page to test the button. If the button is too big, scale it. By dragging with the right mouse button, create two additional copies of the object. Change the icon by selecting from the context menu “Replace, With symbol …”. Preview the changes. We still need to change on the MouseOff layer. Turn off the visibility of the MouseOver layer. Change the icons as before. Now select all icons and press Ctrl-X. Set at the end of the text and press Ctrl-V. Repeat for each text. Preview the page. Adjust the layout of elements on other variants.


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