How to create a “Top of page” button. –
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How to create a “Top of page” button.

Video summary:

  • Open your project where you want to create a button.
  • Draw a square using the “Rectangle Tool (M)”. Keep the “Ctrl” key pressed while drawing.
  • Insert the arrow symbol by selecting “Insert → Symbol” from the menu.
  • Change to any color and set the arrow symbol in the right place.
  • Select both objects, then press “Ctrl + G” to group them.
  • Now press “Ctrl + C” to copy the group.
  • Then select the “MouseOver” layer and press “Ctrl + Shift + V” to paste the group in the same place.
  • Click the “S” symbol next to the “MouseOver” layer name to view and edit only that layer.
  • Now click on the gray square while holding down the “Ctrl” key. This way you will select a single object within the group instead of the whole group.
  • Change the color of the square.
  • In the same way, select and change the arrow.
  • Click the “S” symbol again to turn off single layer editing.
  • Now with both layers visible: MouseOff and MouseOver, select all objects and create a “Soft Group” by selecting “Arrange → Apply Soft Group” from the menu.
  • Now create a “Top of page” link by selecting the link icon from the toolbar, and then set “Link to” to “Top of page”.
  • Run preview to test the button.
  • If you want the button to appear exactly in the bottom right corner of the page, move it outside the page and then stick it. (Context menu: “Web Sticky / Stretchy …” → Sticky “.


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