How to change full width block background type. –

How to change full width block background type.


Video summary.

Click on the pink rectangle. Select the “Fill Tool” tool and change the fill type to bitmap. Drag and drop a new background from Windows Explorer. Select one of the Theme Colors and set “Set Contone Light Color”. Change the contrast and brightness of the photo to make the text more visible. Draw a black rectangle with the same dimensions. Select the transparency tool and drag from top to bottom over the rectangle. Double-clicking on the line, add two additional transparency points next to the edges of the rectangle. Set the extreme transparency points to about 50%, and the inner points to 100%. Select from the context menu “Web Sticky / Stretchy …” and set “Full width”. Place the object at the bottom (Ctrl-B) and then press Ctrl-Shift-F to move it over the photo. Because our graphic scales when resizing, we need to change the stretch type to “Tile stretched object”. To copy shadow to other variants, select “Website variants, Share with all variants” from the context menu. Switch to the “Wide” Variant. Set the graphic in the right place. Adjust the size. Press Ctrl-B to place it on the bottom, then Ctrl-Shift-F to move it one level up. Do the same on the “Mobile” variant. Preview changes.


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