Help –


1. Read “How to edit a xara web template”.

This article content short videos about how to edit a web template. The help was created based on the XTF02 Template. In other templates content will be different, but the editing rules are the same.

Read “How to edit a xara web template”

2. Check the “Xara Web Designer Knowledge Base” article.

Everything I found useful on the internet about the Xara Web Designer. Articles, help materials from the Xara support, YouTube videos – everything in one place. I’m still working on it. If you find something that I should include, please write me.

Read “Xara Web Designer Knowledge Base”

3. Check out my blog.

Mostly How-to videos.

The blog.

4. X Builder Basic Training.

If you downloaded the X Builder and you want to know how to use it – it’s a must.

Watch “X Builder Basic Training“.

5. Contact

Pre-sale question.

I give truly 30 days money back guarantee So if you wonder: “Can I be able to edit this template?, How it works? …” – you can order just for testing. Really. If you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money in 24 hours max.
Still undecided? Email me.

The support.

Of course I’ll need a short description of the problem.
It will be very helpful if i get:

  • screenshot with annotation (you can use windows Snipping Tool) or short video with comments (I use Flashback Express Recorder),
  • copy of your project

In most cases I’ll record a short video “how to do something”.