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My name is Michał Jarmoluk. A few years ago I came across the software of the Xara company. It charmed me with its inconspicuous, simple interface which hid the speed and plenty of opportunities. I started using Xara Web Designer while creating projects for my clients. Previously, I have created websites using the “CMS Joomla”, but this expanded system has not always been appropriate. CMS systems are often a problem for small companies. They do not have a technically skilled person to operate the system, service and continuous updating. They need a simple, but graphically attractive website. Thanks to Xara such websites can be made much faster, and customers get a better product at a great price.

And so was born the idea for xaratemplates.com – the website on which there are already available high-quality products for this software, for designers like me. For now, it is still a single-person project. However, I think that soon I will be able to share this system with everyone, who just like me would like to share their creations.

Michał Jarmoluk

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XaraTemplates.com is not a part of the Xara company. If you want to know more about the Xara company, visit their website.

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  1. markjmcg March 25, 2022

    Hi Michal,
    Love your ideas and you products…keep going! 🙂

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